Friday, January 15, 2016

Reading of my Work

     One of the few things that really bother me is listening to someone reading aloud something I've written. In my mind, I know how I would read aloud my stories, and people generally fall short in a way that completely drives me mad. I'd like Mr. Creepypasta to read one of my works, as I feel he has the practice to tell it in a way I would approve of.
     But, as it so often happens, one of Mr. Creepypasta's followers took my story Crimson Grove and read it aloud on his youtube channel. It is an interesting interpretation, and I appreciate the love of my work that someone must feel to read my work on a video; I just shiver at the idea of my work being read aloud.
     My wife has queried whether or not I would have an issue with reading my stories aloud to a group of people. Since I've never had problems with public speaking and I know my work, I think I'd do fine. Would probably need some practice, though.
     Anyway, here's the story told by Captain Creepypasta:

Sweet Dreams!

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