Thursday, January 14, 2016

Five Nights at Freddy's

      This video game came online a few years ago, introducing a new type of horror game. I played the first one, where you have to manage your electricity while watching out for mechanical costumed characters that will try and kill you by shoving you into a spare suit.

     The original created a few spin-offs, which inspired a song that I've been listening to for inspiration when writing horror as of late. It's Nightcore, which means it's techno, but give it a listen and see if you like the lyrics.

     I wouldn't recommend the game for anyone who is faint of heart as it has a plethora of jump scares and a great sense of dread as the automatons slowly encroach on you, stalking you so they can jump you before the night ends.

     For those of you with a strong enough stomach, you can get the game from here, where you can acquire a Steam gaming key for all four games.

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