Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Site Status

     The site will be posting stories in a slower fashion, as I am wrapping up work on my first novel, Jack in the Box. As many of you may have noticed, I removed the sections of the book from the site. I did this as a precursor to a publisher asking me to do so.
     I have about fifteen to twenty bobbers in the publishing pond, and am just waiting for bites at the moment. When a story gets rejected I'll willingly put it up on the site. Not to mean you all get the scraps, but I am trying to get my feet off the ground here.
     In lighter news, Demonic Visions will be having a third installment with a never-before-seen story of mine being featured. I'll post the link for it.
     As a side note, we're being highlighted by storybundle. Here's the visual:
     Go on over and take a peek!

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