Friday, February 7, 2014

Tales of the Unseelie Court is now out!

     An anthology a tad on the fantastical side of horror, Tales of the Unseelie Court is a mirror to the anthology, Tale of the Seelie Court. My addition is of course to the Unseelie version, as my piece is more horror based (as always). There are a great number of quality pieces in each anthology, so check them both out.

     To those unaware, Seelie/Unseelie are the names of mythical creatures commonly known as fey or fairies. From imps to boggarts to gremlins and goblins, the Unseelie are considered the darker aspects of these natural entities. Their alien emotions and actions are hard for humanity to understand, and even harder to deal with.
     Take a look and see if these stories tickle your fancy. We would all (we being the indie authors) appreciate if you would download a copy and let us know how we did.

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