Sunday, April 20, 2014

Netflix Movies Worth Watching, Again!

     Been a while since I spoke of what movies lurk beneath the surface of Netflix that are worthy of watching. I imagine some of you have even begun to look into other genres for entertainment, perhaps even stumbling into the dreaded Comedy section. But have fear, I say, for I am here once again to highlight some of the darker stories Netflix has for you to watch. 

     [Rec] 3: Genesis is the third movie in the [Rec] franchise, a Spanish horror film about possessions that spread by bite. A new take on zombies, these living dead are actually fueled by demons and religious law rather than disease. Take a look:

     A new spin on two old classics is always fine by me! Speaking of two old classics with a new spin...
     Frankenstein's Army is a fearful feature film about Nazi's trying to create new soldiers using a descendant of the original Frankenstein as their mad doctor. What starts as Russian soldiers moving in for a rescue mission for their comrades turns into an all out brawl against the living dead in a steam-punk fueled nightmare. Take a look:

     Spoiler alert: It ends with a twist! As does our next tawdry tale...

     Grave Encounters Two! For those unaware, and strangely ignorant, this means there is a first one to watch. Trust me, watch these films back to back and you'll be guaranteed chills. The movie follows a group of television ghost hunters into an abandoned asylum to try and flush out some specters. Of course they do, but in the second feature you get a twist ending that makes the whole film turn on it's head. Not gory really, this movie is more of the shock-and-awe as well as suspense that was more from the nineties than the recent slew of snuff films people seem to enjoy.
     Three (or four) films to die for! Not exactly what the others are delivering, but some of those "Eight Films to Die For" are really not worth the plastic they are imprinted on. These ones are worth watching, and perfect for a gathering on Easter Sunday.
    Sweet Dreams! 

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