Saturday, July 28, 2012

And the Results are In!

With but nary a few hours left, I can say with reasonable certainty that the readers have decided the path of Bushido for our dashing young Hero! The second part will be up tomorrow, just to make certain about the poll, and should be a thrill ride for all the fans out there.
Feel free to comment on anything about my stories; suggestions and advice are always welcome, as are the searing flames of the internet editor’s fiery tongue. And as always, keep checking in because I update at least twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) with short stories, and Sunday’s with the series “The Atheist’s Nightmare.”
Thanks to Ray Comfort for that phrasing he made so many years ago, I still laugh about it. Have a look:

These two are Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, two Evangelical Christians that happily made certain I never looked at Christianity as a viable life style or religion, choosing the more philosophical aspects of Buddhism to be my main pillar of morals, as many zealous individuals proclaim we all must gain from a religion.
Big thanks, by the way to an original artist who made a picture for my sight, so you wouldn't have to see the confused Viking every time you honor me with your eyes.
Ah well, now I’m just rambling… snuggle deep into the comforts of your coffins, dear hearts and have yourself a good read; this Texas heat is too much for my sensitive features!
Sweet Dreams

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