Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Nickronomicon

A play on words, but seriously welcome to my inner-most thoughts and terrors, where I'll be posting some of my published works, bits of works I am, well, working on, and actually hold small contests with actual prizes!

At the moment, I am a Horror Columnist for the ever-terrifying Dark Moon Digest,, where I appear monthly comparing the different ways fears affect us, and the differing ways fears have evolved as well. Their quarterly magazine is nothing to miss either, where they showcase lesser known authors, like yours truly.

But now the main issue at hand: why the Hell should you care about this site? Well first and foremost I will be posting my first ever novel on it chapter by chapter, in order to see what you think of it and to run an online contest to decide the ending!

There will also be a weekly addition to my own bits of Flash Fiction, as well as numerous short stories, with a guaranteed post every Monday and Thursday!

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